Lucky Gupta establishes his idea, the Theatre of Experience

Posted by Kaahon Desk On March 27, 2015

Lucky Gupta’s concept of theatre performances is not based on texts and theories but rather more on lived experiences. He feels that it is all about a game that begins with one’s own self and then moves on to include the others. If one is alert and observant enough, one can witness the many theatres unfolding all around with sounds and images contributing to the narration.

On the topic of theatre acting, Lucky steers clear of the idea of technique. In his kind of theatre, which is actually a continuous process of engaging and involving the audience, the moment of the lived experience is significant. The reactions born out of those moments cannot be called acting and thus the question of technique simply doesn’t arise. He cites certain instances from his own experience and especially those of working with kids. Their natural restive and curious nature makes them sensitive to their immediate surroundings and they merely react to the situation, which is not acting.

He strongly feels that theatre is all about interaction with people and the result of those experiences. In his brand of theatre, the audience is of supreme importance. He even moulds his performance and style according to the present audience. The chief idea is always to engage and involve the audience. If there has to be a label, his theatre can be called as ‘theatre of experience’.

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