Chandan Sen suggests to prioritise Theatre not Theatre group

Posted by Kaahon Desk On October 31, 2014

Recalling his earliest memories of group theatre, Chandan Sen talks about his brief and rather strange association with Nandikar theatre group. Although he was a newcomer in Nandikar, hardly associated with main activities of the group, even that came to an abrupt end when he was asked to show cause for certain mismanagement and consequent cancellation of shows. On same line, he also sheds light on the rumors about Ramaprasad Banik firing him from theatre group!

Sen also strongly believes that when it comes to theatre acting or anything in this concern, the loyalty should primarily lie with the theatre medium, rests like loyalty towards theatre group, et cetera come automatically. According to him extreme loyalty towards theatre group only results in narrow-mindedness and a bird’s eye view of the world. Consequently, the discussion and discourses and interdisciplinary
dialogue wanes out. And theatre as a art-medium or as a communication medium suffers!

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