Ashok Majumdar – …and Bohurupee was born

Posted by Kaahon Desk On August 23, 2014

Ashok Majumdar (the first secretary of the first Bengali theatre group “Bohurupee”) reminisces about the heydays of IPTA, just about the time when theatre director Sombhu Mitra had started feeling suffocated in that environment. He remembers the interference by the Communist Party fast turning into creative dictatorship. Consequently, Sombhu Mitra left IPTA citing a lack of creative spontaneity and independence. During this phase, his plans involved a production of Nabanna outside IPTA. Accordingly, he assembled an ensemble of seasoned veterans and wet behind the ears novices, Majumdar himself among them! But the lukewarm response to Nabanna led Sombhu Mitra to consider staging new productions resulting in Pathik. It received widespread acclaim and following much debate, the group ended up with the moniker ‘Bohurupee’. The rest is history…

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