Abhijit Barman aka Pota’s music began at college canteen

Posted by Kaahon Desk On August 27, 2014

Abhijit Barman better known as Pota recounts his entry into so-called Bangla Band music. He hailed from a home with a defined Bengali music atmosphere. His mother used to sing Rabindrasangeet. However he was all set to become a sportsman and invested most of his time and energy on the field. It was during his college days that he experienced a sense of liberty that pushed him towards music in a serious way. As he began to enjoy the cultural atmosphere, sports took a backseat. Early success at the college fests and musical events led him into Bangla Band music. He formed his first band with college friends. Recognition came with his second band “Kolkata”. And then there was a phone call from Cactus.

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