Riding on rhythms with wastes, for a better future

Posted by Kaahon Desk On August 10, 2015

Sanjay Mondal of Kolkata Creative Waste Art Centre narrates his vis-à-vis the band’s story that sounds something straight out of fiction. Hailing from Tangra, one of the most backward neighborhoods of Kolkata, Mondal’s growing up years, like many others, was marked by poverty and bleak opportunities of marginal employment, which did more harm than good. And there was always the chance of falling into a life of crime. While he’d experienced many of these lows firsthand, he talks about his attraction towards the rhythm of Kirtan he liked as a child. He believed in music as a way out of his grim surroundings. The initiative of Kolkata Creative Waste Art Centre is not only to ensure a better future for the children from the locality but also to share the sense of elation Sanjay Mondal experienced with music. Their music is an everyday affair not only in terms of content, but the highly creative instruments fashioned out of regular domestic waste objects!

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