Debojyoti Bose asserts on playing music, not the instrument

Posted by Kaahon Desk On February 21, 2016

Debojyoti Bose sees no reason why one has to learn playing Sarod from another Sarod player; a musician doesn’t learn an instrument, learns music. The ideas of technique or technology simply do not exist in fine arts. Apparently, he is not even bothered much about the differences between the Gharanas. He describes the whole phenomenon as largely superficial and a matter of convenience that resulted hero-worshipping the iconic musicians. He clearly states that despite all the skills and qualities, no musician should become bigger than the music itself. Speaking on these lines, he goes on to differentiate between instruments of Senia and Maihar Gharanas and concludes by saying that Gharanas hardly have such water tight and compartmentalized definitions. They’re just stylizations which have been established and followed over generations.

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