Paul Mullick and his melodies of old Park Street, Calcutta

Posted by Kaahon Desk On July 14, 2015

For saxophonist Paul Mullick, his passion for music is almost synonymous to the days or rather evening he spent playing for the crowd at various iconic restaurants and venues at Park Street. He admits that it was the attraction of music that brought him to Calcutta in the first place when he seriously started with his lessons. It literally opened the doors of a new world for him. And he sounds grateful and content talking about his colorful years spent at Park Street entertaining crowd playing old Western melodies. His musical journey had brought him in contact with some of the biggest names in Western Music in India including the likes of Carlton Kitto, Louis Banks and Joe Pereira to name a few. And in spite of all the success, he still finds a compliment from the audience to be his most prized possession.

Listen more to Paul Mullick (click here)

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