Chandrabindoo stumbles @ 9th, leaves it for future listeners

Posted by Kaahon Desk On April 5, 2015

After ruling the Bangla Band music charts with eight albums, Upal of Chandrabindoo, one of the most prominent Bands in this music scenario, sounds equally satisfied and grateful for their success and acceptance. He maintains that experimenting with traditional as well as out of the box ideas has been a hallmark of their music over the years. Talking about their last release, ‘NOY’ (9 in Bengali), Upal declares that it’s a mixed feeling. While it was extremely exciting to break away from their usual trend after so long, implementing new found influences such as Afro Music and ending up winning their first award, it was a disappointing feeling to see their labor of love not so heartily accepted by their audience. But Upal refrains from playing the blame game. Maybe it’s a bit of it on both sides…

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‘NOY’ (9 in Bengali), Chandrabindoo’s latest album (click here).

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