Amyt Datta hates “second hand” music shows

Posted by Kaahon Desk On July 5, 2014

Amyt Datta lashes out against the notion of making a career out of playing covers in second hand style! Even comparisons with legends like Jimi Hendrix or Ritchie Blackmore comes as an insult to him, after playing his heart out in music shows for hours. The journey to find one’s own artistic expression and identity is walked alone. Thus, an artist is a lonely man. While Amyt Datta’s early rock n roll years were popular, they became an impediment for creative success. Unless one can be true to one’s own self and play his own music, there’s hardly any difference playing in front of 15000 strong crowd or just 200 people. His pleading appeal to the listeners is for opening up to new music and newer ideas…case in point, the Amyt Dutta ambiance de danse!

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