Shayne Hyrapiet: Connecting women ensures success in gigs

Posted by Kaahon Desk On April 28, 2016

For Shayne Hyrapiet, the passion largely gripped him when he started singing in church choir during high school and began participating in the inter college competitions. This led to his association with his arranger friend, Supriyo Bose aka Laltu, to prepare a set-list of popular songs. The turning point in his performing career came with the 2001 show at Tolly Club. He built on his success by incorporating Bollywood and Punjabi songs in his set-list and having faith in his self-confidence, especially in live performances. While realizing the necessity to connect with his audience, Hyrapiet had discovered that bonding with the female half of the audience ensures success with both the sexes. He also feels that his natural and spontaneous boyish charm helps him not only to apply certain tactics but also to get away with a lot of them! With due respect to the Bollywood industry, he feels that there is a lot of talent in Calcutta that can give their Bollywood counterparts a run for their money. He admires the sincerity for one’s work that can be seen in Calcutta, devoid of pretension and arrogance. He feels that the overall easy and relaxed pace of the typical Calcutta lifestyle is key for producing quality work.

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