Anindya Bose @ Bangla Bands grew in age, their music didn’t

Posted by Kaahon Desk On April 20, 2015

Talking about the origins of Bangla Band music, Anindya Bose states that the entire had a very bright beginning. He fondly recalls the enthusiasm of a group of enthusiastic musicians who would go on to define the Bangla Band soundscape. He refuses to term it as a movement. The music was politically void. For him, it was an honest effort of a few youths to write and perform original music. He cherishes the ‘spontaneity’ factor with no end in sight. He feels that ‘college music’ is an appropriate moniker. But sadly, the music got restricted to college environments. He feels that while the musicians grew in age, their music didn’t. Anindya wishes that the music got developed and shaped. But instead, it only got packaged and sold!

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