Acoustik: Growing with the city, growing with R&B

Posted by Kaahon Desk On January 22, 2016

The music played by Acoustik can be called folksy R&B, according to Klein, Chris and Shreya. The band is driven by their zeal to play music which is earthy and less dependent on technology. While it is certainly easier said than done, the members are strong believers of ‘sticking to their guns’ irrespective of success or the lack of it. As they put it simply, they play a certain kind of music because they believe in that and hope that gradually the crowd will open up to it as well. And then, the predominant attitude of people towards musician mostly involves promises of opportunity and exposure and hardly any money. And to make things worse, such free gigs mostly comprise of cover songs. They feel that competitions are better in that sense where they get to play their originals and their unfamiliarity of sound sets them apart.

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