Gabu is musically enriched playing beyond Bangla Band

Posted by Kaahon Desk On December 18, 2014

Gaurab Chatterjee (Gabu) of Lakkhichhara looks back at his career curve and the way it has branched out from Bangla band music in different musical directions over the years. He recalls the year 2009 when things looked bleak for him since every other band member were into side projects; Gaurab kept himself busy working for peanuts! Things looked up when he auditioned to play with Bickram Ghosh and managed to hold his ground with the percussion maestros. It was the same year when he got his first assignments to compose for a film, which according to him was literally eye opener. And then there was Kendraka (Contemporary Indian Jazz Band) which he claims to have changed him musically as well as personally. And all these departures have only made Lakkhichhara even more special!

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