Pinky flashes on success of Bangla Band and its cost!

Posted by Kaahon Desk On April 5, 2015

Following much hurdles, conflicts and obstacles, Cactus succeeded in making it really big in Bangla Band music! And around the same time, Pinky (Kanishka) began to disconnect. Pinky maintains that he always had these twin trajectories of musical influences from both Eastern and Western Music. He admits of being avid follower of both Salil Chowdhury as well as Doors. However, he noticed that during the heydays of Cactus, his taste was shifting more towards Classical Music. He began to attend the classical concerts regularly where his Rockstar image certainly stuck out like a sore thumb. Meanwhile the success of Bangla Band music was reaching a phenomenal level. He admits being happy about it; but the success had come with too dear a price!

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