Subhen defines Fusion Music as expression of restless life

Posted by Kaahon Desk On July 12, 2014

According to classical music artist Subhen Chatterjee, restlessness is the primary symptom of modern life. Every form of creativity is affected by the consumerist culture where people are spoilt for choices. He finds most of the contemporary musically experimental projects to be result of agitation as opposed to the tranquil practices of earlier exponents like  Pandit Ravi Shankar, etc. On questioned about the decline of Classical Music practice in Bengal, he mainly blames the poor economic climate of the region.

Looking back and speaking about his college days, Chatterjee talks about his early attempts to explore the drums. This in turn introduced him to Western Music. He was mesmerized by Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple among others. He feels that western music liberated his taste and introduced him to the idea of World Music. Later on, as a part of a SPICMACAY’s project, he felt the need for a form that could bridge the gap between light pop music and Indian Classical. He candidly admits for being responsible for the popularity of fusion music among youth.

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