Understanding, feeling and fusing….

Posted by Kaahon Desk On June 1, 2016

Contrary to the puritan and traditional Indian way of looking at fusion, Jonathan Kay perceives it in the logic of appropriation and enrichment. He looks up primarily to Pannalal Ghosh and Bismillah Khan for their indelible contribution in turning folk instruments like Bansuri and Shehnai, into Classical. As a saxophone artiste, he looks forward to years of prolonged and dedicated practice. He openly admits that there is a distinct pair of Jazz and Indian Classical musicians residing inside him. He feels that his entire journey so far has been attempts to negotiate between the two while simultaneously drawing inspirations. Ed Hanley, who already works with a fusion band, considers it as a perfect blend as opposed to a mixture. He emphasizes on the significance of reinterpreting eastern and western music with each other’s technique.

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