Kanishka (Pinky) remembers the days when Cactus was born

Posted by Kaahon Desk On August 16, 2014

Discovering a new Bangla song was almost a pathological need for Kanishka (Pinky) and his generation. The success of this quest was facilitated through an encounter with the legendary Gautam Chattopadhyay and his Moheener Ghoraguli‘s  early music. It provided him the template for his thoughts and a direction to follow up and soon Cactus was born. Pinky recalls the early years laced with hardships and difficulties. Rock music in Bengali was deemed unacceptable in the given hierarchy and monolith of musical practice.  Pinky considers it to be a class struggle that they had to go through to legitimize their cultural practice. But he strongly believed in language being THE KEY to success and it turned out exactly like he thought…

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