Somnath Roy calls for a new Gharana, Hindustani Ghatam

Posted by Kaahon Desk On February 24, 2015

Carnatic music artist, percussionist Somnath Roy is in the process of developing his music with Ghatam. He is extending Ghatam’s parameters into the arena of Hindustani Classical Music and enjoying it as an exciting challenge. He is in the mode of developing a new Gharana as Hindustani Ghatam. However he strictly believes in retaining the original elements of the instrument. He shares his experiences of playing with Hindustani artistes and collaborating with them depending solely on the technical nuances of rhythm patterns. His musical interest in other forms and instruments certainly helped him in this regard. However, he strictly maintains that one needs to get properly acquainted with the original form before thinking about experimenting or developing anything new.

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