Kalikaprasad: Folk forms struggle to survive

Posted by Kaahon Desk On May 7, 2016

Kalikaprasad strongly emphasizes on the point that for any art to endure, the artiste needs to survive. Despite all the attempts to save, revive and protect our heritage, he feels that such sporadic attempt of a few random and especially urban musicians is barely enough for the cause. Mostly it results in blatant commodification. He cites a few examples including that of the legendary Nirmalendu Chowdhuri where songs are often distorted and diluted under the veil of being saved and revived. Kalikaprasad laments about the rather insensitive urban attitude and lack of copyright issues for folk songs in this regard. From his own experiences, he is realizing that gradually the very memory of these folk form are probably going to disappearing in the face of corporate funded cultural imperialism.


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