Manilal-Mita Nag brood over the survival of classical music

Posted by Kaahon Desk On September 12, 2015

The times we are living in seem to be quite a disheartening topic for both Manilal as well as Mita Nag. It is apparently an era when superficiality is preferred over depth. Both of them share their respective experiences about a certain decline in the quality of performance and audience, both. And they believe that it is simply because the entire game has suddenly become extremely market oriented and money driven. Consequently, appearances in all sense of the term is seemingly more important than anything else and the modern generation whom Mita Nag considers to be extremely shallow when it comes to culture, are only interested in that appearances and self promotion. As a result the pure form of Classical Music as a whole is suffering and mainly due to a lack of proper patronage what is nowadays called promotion!


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