UMFORMUNG: an insight on idea of KARMA on screen

Posted by Kaahon Desk On April 25, 2015

Sudip Ranjan Sarkar doesn’t consider his debut feature film Unformung, as a film; but rather as a pursuit of truth and knowledge. He describes the plotline of the film and goes in detail to explain the complex philosophical network holding the narrative together. He claims that the film will bring alive the intricate mechanisms of Karma on screen. And like the cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso, anyone and everyone watching the film will view it in a different light. It is film everyone will connect with!

He has the strangest background possible for a filmmaker. He is a psychologist by profession. And he’d been a poet, a writer, a painter and an installation artist. For him, cinema is just a medium to express his philosophies and is nothing greater or lesser than the other art forms. He points out that despite his sense of awe about cinema, he’ll readily discard it if he finds a better form to express his ideas. He has got very unique and personalized definitions of established terms. For him, cinema is not a form or a medium per se, but something magical he witnessed in his childhood in a mining town. However contemporary films, when hailed as cinema, infuriate him since they lack the magical factor.

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