Tuhinabha doesn’t miss 35mm anymore with his DSLR aesthetics

Posted by Kaahon Desk On July 22, 2015

Talking about digital filmmaking, Tuhinabha Majumdar feels that other than only a minor increase in numbers, there hasn’t been any digital explosion in cinema as such. But he recognizes the fact that with the media schools coming up, a large number of young people are engaging with a certain practice of audiovisual medium. But the problem mainly lies in the area of marketing and distribution, especially for documentaries and shorts films and these are usually the films that make use of the ‘DSLR aesthetics’. He also finds a tendency to work in digital medium without understanding its nuances and trying to replicate the images of 35 mm format, a practice he considers to be redundant. As for himself, he’d still want to make a film on the 35 mm format even if it exposes to a different practice of image making. And while the advent of digital is simultaneously resulting in smaller screens like laptops and tabs, he’d still prefer his audience to watch his films at least once in the theatres.


Tuhinabha Majumdar’s film Aamaar Katha: Story Of Binodini, a 78 mins film on the legendary early Bengali actress Binodini and her autobiography has received two Rajat Kamal for the Best Biographical and Historical Reconstruction film and Best Cinematography (Non-fiction) in the 62nd National Film Awards, 2015.

He has also received Golden Conch for the Best Fiction Film and the Best Film of the Festival award in MIFF, 2012 for ‘Midnight Bioscope’ (Raater Bioscope) and the Silver Award at the 11th Indian Documentary Producers’ Award for Excellence in 2015 for ‘City Within The City’ a PSBT documentary.

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