Rita Ganguly: So-called acting training doesn’t work in film

Posted by Kaahon Desk On April 2, 2016

Rita Ganguly, famous singer-dancer and ex-teacher at National School of Drama (NSD) has a deep interest in films as she feels that cinema is the most powerful art form of the time incorporating every other existing form of both performing as well as plastic arts. However, she mostly resents the story telling tendencies of filmmakers all over the world. She eagerly looks forward to a more liberated notion of cinema. Her interest in films has resulted in her research work on 100 different films investigating the inherent mood or Sthhayi Bhaav, based on the doctrines of Natya Shastra. Her resentment about films also extends to the notion of film acting. She completely writes off the so-called acting training and the theories about actors channeling their emotional memory as non-effective and impractical in films. Instead she proposes the concept of Satwik Abhinaya in context of film acting.

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