Rati Chakravyuh- A single shot feature film

Posted by Kaahon Desk On August 22, 2014

Talking about the ideas of making a film like Rati Chakravyuh, the ever experimental filmmaker Ashish Avikunthak dwells on his fascination with single takes since the early days of his artistic career. He highlights the notion of time accentuated with such treatment. He considers the movement of time as the most important specificity of cinema. As for the circularity, it is primarily shaped by the myth of Abhimanyu and the Hermeneutical spiral of wisdom. Avikunthak believes that meaning making in a montage film is largely epistemic while in case of a single shot without any cuts, the process is more ontological. Cinematographer Basab Mullik feels that in this regard, the form was entirely dictated by the nature of the content. The resultant film form forces the audience to engage with the space-time of the film. It doesn’t critique a particular structure and suggest another one. It simply destabilizes the notion of structure and leaves room for further ideas, conversations and discourse.

Cast: Joyraj Bhattacharya, Satakshi Nandy, Mandira Banerjee, Udvas Roy, Trisha Baura, Sharmistha Nag, Saheli Goswami, Miska Halim, Suman Nandy, Saswati Biswas, Debdip Sen, Kaushik Pan, Supratim Roy

Story & Script: Ashish Avikunthak

Cinematography: Basab Mullik

Audiography: Dipankar Chaki & Anirban Sengupta

Production Executive: Ashwini Deo

Co-Production: Ashish Avikunthak & Kristina Konrad

Direction: Ashish Avikunthak

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