Malay broods on filmmakers’ phony identity in our society

Posted by Kaahon Desk On May 17, 2015

Owing to its status of mass entertainment media, films are often wrongly perceived and misinterpreted as an easy way out for fame, success and money. Malay Bhattacharya feels bitterly against this phony identity of films and filmmakers. He points out to the collaborative nature of the medium often enabling the director to hide his incapability and drawbacks behind the crew. This in turn gives rise to an idea of director as a coordinator of resources on set and thus even unqualified people also decide to go for it. He seems extremely concerned about the continuous production of these films that are becoming the socio-cultural artifacts of our times, shaping the society in the days to come. He feels that finding an escape route from this mess is the immediate need of the hour!

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