Ranu Ghosh proclaims- Nothing beats Adda…even today!

Posted by Kaahon Desk On January 12, 2016

Ranu Ghosh, one of the most important documentary filmmaker-cinematographers of today, is well aware of the changing modes of communication and interaction between people in the present context. The shift from physical to virtual has been quite a marked one. But she feels that modes like Skype are matters of necessity for profession and a globalized lifestyle. She always makes a conscious effort to reconnect and meet her ‘Skype’ and online acquaintances physically. She finds there is a pronounced difference in the notion of chit-chat in Bengal and elsewhere. However, in spite of the clockwork routine of western world, people actually enjoy the breathing space of a relaxed face to face chatting session. As for her own views, she is all for the traditional Bengali Adda…without a care for time or inconveniences or indispositions!

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