Rongili notifies the distinct music style of Hemanga Biswas

Posted by Kaahon Desk On March 7, 2015

According to Rongili Biswas, her father’s rendition and understanding of folk music retained the colors of their native land of Sylhet. Sylhet, with its unique geographical and socio-historical context, has a rich tradition folk culture. And it certainly left a distinct mark on the works of Hemanga Biswas. But rather than the generic nuances of Bhatiyali or folk traditions of Sylhet, she talks about a distinct Hemanga Biswas style. While on the topic, Rongili Biswas discusses the notion of Bahirana, a term coined by her father to understand the unique folk tradition of the region as she puts her emphasis on the particular use of minor notes in their music and their expansive nature. She speaks and sings not so much about the tunes as the melodic structure and the movement.

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