A constant struggle to sustain oneself as a folk singer

Posted by Kaahon Desk On July 5, 2014

Subhadra Sharma is the leading light of Bengali folk songs. She has lent her voice to Gautam Ghose’s biopic on Lalon Fakir titled Moner Manush . She has won laurels in numerous state folk festivals and has received plaudits for her performances in India and abroad.

All these however didn’t happen in a flash. Subhadra recounts the toils and tears of the initial years when she was made to sing for very long hours without any food and for remuneration as low as twenty rupees. She feels folk artists especially women singers don’t get their due respect, most of them eke out a subsistent living and eventually die of malnutrition. Still the irresistible lure of songs makes her croon passionately… “Leave your desires behind follow this path to fulfill your wishes”

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