Ashish Giri speaks on the music of Rahr Bengal

Posted by Kaahon Desk On November 1, 2014

Eminent folk music practitioner and researcher Ashish Giri primarily focuses on folk music festivals while addressing a conference in Sangeet Mela at the Bangla Academy. Speaking on the topic he draws attention to the form of Jhumur and identifies it as the essence of the Rahr region, in everyday life as well as in folk music festivals or otherwise. He speaks in detail about the historical and socio-economic significance of this folk form and its sub categories and its influence on other styles and forms. Alongside explaining and analyzing the intricacies in an easy and direct manner, he also demonstrates the minute particulars by performing each of the styles. While he speaks as a connoisseur of Jhumur and associated folk forms, his address also highlights certain instances of violence and brutal injustice inherent to the traditional socio-political system of the pertinent regions.

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