Bhadu performances @ local myths of a princess died young

Posted by Kaahon Desk On November 30, 2015

The Bhadu performers from Labpur perform and talk about their form, which is largely derived from folk myth of the region, Rahr Bengal. The performers are mostly farmers or laborers who manage to find their free time only when the sowing season is over and they practice in the month before the reaping time. The troupe then visits neighboring villages, towns and settlements, carrying with them the idol of Bhadumani, the ill-fated princess of the myth. Interestingly, Bhadu performances have always been accompanied by female dancers called Naachnis. But nowadays, the girls are often unwilling and consequently, young boys have to put on a costume and step in for the job. The troupe primarily constitutes of the lead singer, dancer, musicians, a chorus line and a prompter. The song is a lament about the tragic life of Bhadumani, the princess.

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