Human puppetry, a new form in folk theatre

Posted by Kaahon Desk On September 3, 2015

Right from the inception in 1999, Birbhum Sanskriti Bahini hailing from Labpur had been invested in search of a form that will acknowledge the rich heritage of various folk traditions and forms of the Rurh region of Bengal. While it is true that the region suffers from a lack of modern facilities and infrastructure, it is also an age-old hub of various folk practices. Out of this rich oeuvre, Birbhum Sanskriti Bahini adopted the indigenous form of puppetry or Putul Naach, associated with a distinct dialect of Birbhum. However to establish a connection with the theatrical tradition, the puppetry was performed by performers dressed up as puppets on stage; a negotiation of form and content. They heartily acknowledge the help and support from various people engaged in different practices, which made their effort possible and successful.

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