Silajit believes “Tunir Maa” is phenomenal Bengali music

Posted by Kaahon Desk On July 13, 2014

Be it in case of Bengali music or even more specifically Bangla Band Songs, Silajit believes in calling a spade a spade. He spits in the eye of the lament for the change in Bengali modern songs. His wacky argument rests on the changes in every layer and every walk of life…. be it the nature of a stray crow or a government job! To him, It is pointless to single out the obvious change in music alone. He blows away the traditional practices with every ring of smoke from his cigarette. Intellectual discourses held forth in serious baritones cannot be the premise for winning arguments about the changing music scenario. He believes “Tunir Maa” to be a phenomenal number from the recent past. “Doyal Baba Kola Khaba…” is one of his favourite songs. The world has turned into a mad place. One has to accept this madness in order to make sense of it. Otherwise it would be a celebration of double standards!

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