Its Q’s turn: NABARUN

Posted by Kaahon Desk On June 12, 2014

Nabarun Bhattacharya. The eternal rebel. The power resistant. The Fataru.

What does a man like him do or say when he is constricted by the camera?

Really looking forward to it.

Specially at a time when our state is very volatile, politically and otherwise comes this documentary which stars a man who constantly warned people “Anyone who has work to do must keep away from power.”

I also like the fact that the filmmaker doesn’t reveal much in the trailer. Just that one will see and hear a lot of Nabarun.

Which in itself is enough.

Just wish he was around to watch a film on him finally unfold. Which was long overdue.

Thank you Q.

Sincerely hope this is your best film to date.

A film where you will not be you.

A film where you  will let Nabarun be Nabarun.

Sharmistha Jha


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