Jhu-mu-ra… Jhu-mu-ra…! Trailer makes you want to dance!

Posted by Kaahon Desk On February 1, 2015



The word itself makes you want to sing, dance, feel.

The trailer also makes you want to do just that.

After a long time a film with beautifully captured outdoors which allows you to breathe.

The pace builds up slowly allowing you to soak in the visuals and then get into the choreography of the scenes. The trailer reveals itself step by step giving hints of double roles and complex characters ahead, marking a sharp contrast with the village life.

But the initial few shots could have done with some sync flute sound which is being played by the character, instead of the digitally created music. In a film which is relying so heavily on the raw feel of the film this sticks out like a sore thumb.

Just hope that the beauty of the trailer translates to the film as well. Many a times a trailer remains just that. It doesn’t transcend because the filmmaker falls in love with his own visuals. With enough material in the trailer for the audience to expect turmoil in the utopian surroundings, this is one film which should be a good watch. Unless….

Sharmistha Jha

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