Orom Mone Hoy (It Seems That Way) – Web Series | S02E03 – Laal Cha | Kaahon Kocktail

Posted by Kaahon Desk On June 28, 2019


We all live through our perceptions and imaginations. Often we fail to judge the real reality and start assuming according to our wishes. That’s what happens in this short indicative narrative where three adult individuals and a kid are so lost in their imaginative reality, that they fail to be part of the actual reality right around them. Auto- rickshaw, a very common man's public transport and the queue for boarding that auto-rickshaw is the metaphorical tool here. Finally, a realism breaks down to a reality that the characters immediately shift to another realism without questioning about the previous one. The colour of reality changes so easily but the life goes on. This story with its punch of satire and comedy brings out the 2019 post-electoral situation in India, through the everyday chaos experienced by many in public.

Idea & Screenplay: Nilay Samiran Nandi & Mrinmoy Nandi

Acting: Sneharghya Pramanik, Abhisikta Maitra, Tapas Kumar Paul, Nimai Sasmal, Amar Chakraborty (Voice – Soven Ganguly), and Kaahon Team

Camera: Animesh Mondal & Sudip Boral

Direction Assistance: Srijayee Bhattacharjee, Ebong Ipsita, Sabuj Bardhan, Suvra Roy

Editing: Snigdhendu Ghosal

Sound Design: Sourav Gupta

Location Sound: Mrinmoy Nandi, Nabin Mahapatra, Anik Chowdhury

Subtitle: Harit Chowdhury

Styling: Mrinmoy Nandi & Srijayee Bhattacharjee

Colour Correction: Arindam Dey

Promotion/Marketing: Supriya Chakraborty, Ebong Ipsita

Production Supervision: Nabin Mahapatra

Production Assistance: KAAHON TEAM

Technical support: Talky Studio, Kaleidoscope

Acknowledgment: Sourav Sanyal, Abhinandan Dutta, Amit Basu

Direction: Mrinmoy Nandi

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