Kaahon Kocktail – Shuttle গাড়ি (The Shuttle Car) – Bengali Fiction Web Series – Laal Cha S02E02

Posted by Kaahon Desk On May 20, 2019


Three commuters and a driver create a story out of a slice of time while moving in a shuttle car from one place to another in the newly built part of the City of Joy, Kolkata. The story revolves around the different moments with different emotions and moods of those three young smartphone-busy commuters who finally disperse from each other leaving a cut for us from a larger portion of present-day city life.

Idea: Ebong Ipsita

Screenplay: Ebong Ipsita & Mrinmoy Nandi

Acting: Ebong Ipsita, Amritendu Mukherjee, Aniket Dev, Mrinmoy
Nandi, Sabuj Bardhan (voice)

Camera: Tanmay Maity & Snigdhendu Ghoshal

Direction Assistance: Sabuj Bardhan

Editing: Snigdhendu Ghoshal

Sound Design: Sourav Gupta

Location Sound: Anik Chowdhury

Subtitle: Rishav Dutta

Music: Arun Nandi & Biswajit Das

Styling: Mrinmoy Nandi

Graphics & Animation: Debraj Sarkar & Harit Chowdhury

Colour Corrections: Arindam Dey

Digital Promotion / Marketing: Supriya Chakraborty

Production Supervision: Nabin Mahapatra

Production Assistance: KAAHON TEAM

Technical support: Talky Studio, Kaleidoscope

Direction: Mrinmoy Nandi

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Kaahon Kocktail

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